Smasher of the Week #61: Top 2022 Cover Up = A Revelation

In an era where deceit, conspiracy theories and fake news seem to reign supreme, the ZFM Jazz Top 2022 Cover Up is A Revelation.

The Top 2022 Cover Up, a regular item in my ZFM Jazz broadcasts, has been uncovering hidden, cross-border musical treasures for years without collusion and dubious voting procedures and without input from flipped (Dutch) celebrities, shady jury members and overstressed editors or presenters.

The composition of and ranking in the Top 2022 Cover Up is just the natural result of infectious (algo)rhythms and artistic intelligence…. Worn-out hits from the NPO Top 2000 are given a new lease of life through jazzy and soulful covers, finding a warm and wide reception across the world in a time when Jazz has been virtually banned from the Dutch national radio!

The links to and playlist of THE TOP 2022 COVER UP = A REVELATION special broadcast of December 18th 2022, 10-12:00 CET:

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