Smasher of the week#75_Eddy Goes Mainstream XXI_Who Threw The Glue_May 19 2024

Thanks for tuning in to my broadcast of May 19, 2024, filled with a mix of young and old, smooth and bold, hip, cool and solid gold.

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The titles of the played songs:

10:00u : 1) I Love You Samantha 2) After The Rain 3) Jasmine 4) One Day At A Time 5) The Lover 6) Unforgiven 7) Will Penny Main Theme 8) Cow Cow Boogie 9) Strange Matter 10) Who Threw The Glue 11) Quadro Samba

11:00u: 12) Spanish Rice 13) The Gentle Insult 14) Under My Thumb 15) Europa 16) Absolutely Knot 17) Chicken & Dumplins 18) Inner City Blues 19) Ficky Stingers 20) Become The Water 21) Someday Baby 22) Move On 23) Don’t Worry Be Happy

The list of selected albums:

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