Smasher of the week#76_ Eddy Goes Mainstream XXII_Didn’t It Rain!

Thanks for tuning in to my broadcast of June 16th, filled soulful jazz, blues and gospel.

The link to the full broadcast:

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The titles of the played songs:

10:00u : 1) Improvisation 2) Elegy For Us All 3)Diane (Tropical Moon) 4) Room 3 5) Meio a Meio 6) The Great Zamboni 7) Havana Blue 8) Smada 9) Twelve More Bars to Go 10) You Got Me On So Bad 11) I Am A Stranger 12) Wading in the Vermillion

11:00u: 13) Daisy Mae 14) Didn’t It Rain 15) He Ain’t Heavy, He Is My Brother 16) In Search of the Lost Chord 17) Main Theme Spellbound 18) Trio.Logy 19) Stromboli 20) Love for Sale 21) Un Coco Loco 22) Twitterbug Waltz 23) Turn! Turn! Turn! 24) Retronancia

The list of selected albums:

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